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Formal Meeting Procedure

Blue Rock Law understands the importance of transparency and stakeholder communication to our clients.  Whether it's meeting with shareholders, creditors, employees, or other stakeholders in a commercial setting, communicating with participants in your organization, or meeting with members of your community, Blue Rock Law offers extensive experience in formal meeting procedures, parliamentary procedure, and governance. Led by our in-house Registered Parliamentarian, Laura McPhee. Blue Rock’s knowledge and skills in the rules of parliamentary procedure help ensure that meetings and deliberative assemblies run smoothly and effectively. Registered Parliamentarians are highly sought after to provide expert guidance on parliamentary matters and complex governance issues during meetings, conventions, and other organized gatherings.

Meeting Planning.

Our team has assisted its clients in planning meetings, conventions, and other gatherings by helping organizers design agendas, set objectives, and structure the meeting format to ensure compliance with parliamentary procedures. We have helped clients ensure that proper notice is given, quorums are met, and appropriate voting procedures are followed, particularly during contentious board, shareholder, creditor, or other association meetings

Parliamentary Rules and Principles.

We are well-versed in parliamentary principles and rules, including "Robert's Rules of Order" and other recognized parliamentary authorities. We understand the intricacies of these rules and provide sophisticated guidance on how to conduct effective and orderly meetings.


Laura McPhee provides parliamentary procedure consultation, advising organizations, boards, committees, and individuals on parliamentary matters. She helps groups interpret and apply parliamentary rules to their specific situations, ensuring efficient meetings.

Presiding Officer Assistance.

During meetings, our lawyers can provide guidance to the presiding officer (chair) to help effectively manage the proceeding. We advise on recognizing speakers, handling motions, and maintaining order, all while the meeting is taking place live.

Bylaws and Rules Review.

Our lawyers assist client organizations in developing, amending, and interpreting their bylaws and rules of order. Blue Rock Law has the experience and expertise to ensure that these governing documents align with parliamentary principles and the client organization's specific needs.

Education and Training.

We offer training and workshops to help organizations and individuals understand parliamentary procedure. We can conduct seminars on topics like conducting effective meetings, understanding Robert's Rules, and improving decision-making processes.

Research and Documentation.

We provide extensive research to support recommendations and interpretations of parliamentary procedure when needed. We maintain up-to-date knowledge of changes in parliamentary rules and legal precedents to serve our clients better.

Practicing Lawyers

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Courtney Burton



Laura J. McPhee R.P.

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Doug Schweitzer E.C.A., K.C.

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