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Previous Publications from Thomas O'Leary

  • Co-author, “Digital Transformation: Artificial Intelligence in the Energy Industry,” Energy Law Edition, Alberta Law Review , Vol 58, No. 2 (July, 2020) at pg. 249

  • Co-author, Chapter 10 ("Canada") in The International Arbitration Review - Edition 6, June 2015, Law Business Research Ltd.

  • "Recent Decisions on Arbitral Jurisdiction: Stay and Appeal Issues", GAR Arbitration Review of the Americas 2014, October 2013

  • Co-author, “Canada” in James H Carter, ed, The International Arbitration Review, 4th ed (London: Law Business Research Ltd., 2013)

  • Regulatory and Liability Issues in Horizontal Multi-Stage Fracturing, Alberta Law Review, Volume 50, No. 2 (December 2012) at pg. 403

  • "Arbitral Jurisdiction in Canada: Recent Decisions", GAR Arbitration Review of the Americas 2013, November 2012

  • "International Commercial Arbitration Award Enforced Despite Lack of Reasons", Possibilities - CBA National Alternative Dispute Resolution Section Newsletter, July 2012

  • "Supreme Court of Canada Sends Dispute to Arbitration Despite Defence on Merits", Focus on Alternative Dispute Resolution, May 2012

  • Focus on Energy: AEUB Opens The Door For CBM Development On Split-Title Lands, March 2007

  • The Duty to Defend and Its Applicability in Sexual Tort Cases, Alberta Law Review, Volume 39, No. 2 (September 2001) at pg. 597

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