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Blue Rock Law's lawyers have provided extensive legal services to the Agricultural sector. In an increasingly complex industry, our lawyers can provide guidance in all aspects of agribusiness, from production to transportation, distribution, and retail services. Our vision is to provide our clients with the best-in-class advice and, with our Special Advisors and allies at the Alberta Opportunity Group, to be part of a broad team of professional service providers who assist our clients in succeeding in this critical industry.

Comprehensive Services.

Our experience spans the entire spectrum of commercial activity, including starting-up, supply arrangements, financing guidance, growth strategies, regulatory compliance, and sale and transportation contracts. We provide end-to-end support to ensure your enterprise operates at an optimal level.

Commodities & Risk Management.

Commodity pricing and carbon credit trading are increasingly important components of modern agricultural strategies. Our team appreciates the unique challenges and opportunities in these markets and has extensive experience in navigating through such issues to achieve optimal solutions.

Government Relations. 

We understand the challenges and opportunities that arise from interacting with government and regulatory bodies. We offer effective solutions that align with our clients' values. See our Government Relations and Public Policy page for more information.

Renewable Natural Gas (RNG).  

Blue Rock’s lawyers are at the forefront of this new technology, designed to capture methane from organic feedstock and ultimately convert it to use in our energy mix.

Practicing Lawyers

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Courtney Burton

Stewart - Brad In YYC Photos-2.jpg


Stewart Maier



David Mann K.C.

Tom - Brad In YYC Photos-1.jpg


Thomas O'Leary K.C.

Doug - Brad In YYC Photos-1.jpg


Doug Schweitzer E.C.A., K.C.

Image by Priscilla Du Preez
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