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Commercial & Corporate

At Blue Rock Law, we don’t just provide corporate legal services; we offer a pathway to business success.  We understand that each client is unique, and our commitment lies in delivering customized legal solutions that address specific challenges and goals. Founded on the belief that it is essential to deliver efficient and creative legal solutions, our vision is to provide our business clients with best-in-class corporate and commercial legal expertise based on our decades of experience in large law firms, government, and business. With our Special Advisors, and through our strategic alliance with the Alberta Opportunity Group, we offer access to a network of essential business offerings to support all aspects of business.

Business Formations.

Our team works to establish corporations, partnerships, and joint ventures, laying a strong foundation for our client’s business endeavors.

Governance Structures.

We excel in preparing and negotiating shareholder and partnership agreements, ensuring our client’s businesses operate smoothly while protecting their interests.

Restructurings and Reorganizations.

Whether streamlining operations or adapting to changing market conditions, we guide our clients through the complexities of corporate transformations.

Equity and Incentive Arrangements.

Our team aids in designing stock option plans and agreements, as well as other incentive arrangements for management and employees.

Records Maintenance.

We pride ourselves on staying compliant and organized with our tailored record maintenance services, enhancing compliance and transparency.

Practicing Lawyers

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Courtney Burton

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Stewart Maier

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