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Litigation & Dispute Resolution

The Blue Rock Law commercial law litigation practice specializes in resolving contractual and other business disputes. Our advice and representation ensure our clients can manage their business disputes efficiently toward the most favourable possible resolution. We protect our client’s interests within the complex and ever-evolving landscape of commercial and corporate law. Blue Rock Law litigation counsel use their understanding of the legal principles governing business transactions and the intricacies of litigation and other dispute resolution processes to effectively advise and represent our clients. Our Special Advisors and allies at the Alberta Opportunity Group provide unique and invaluable support in forming and executing effective dispute resolution strategies to achieve the objectives of our clients.

Client-Centric Representation.

Our commercial litigation practice model is to serve as a trusted partner for clients facing a wide range of legal challenges. We prioritize the unique business strategies and objectives of our clients, working tirelessly to advance and protect their interests. 

Experience & Expertise.

Our litigation counsel is recognized in litigating contract disputes, shareholder claims, class actions, real estate related claims, energy disputes, construction claims, insolvency issues, and more. We offer extensive experience conducting trials, appeals, arbitration hearings, mediations, and regulatory proceedings. 

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).

Our team is well-versed in mediation and other ADR procedures and strategies. We can guide you through these processes, helping you reach beneficial resolutions efficiently and within your legal budget.

Dispute Mitigation and Prevention.

In addition to representing clients in litigation, we provide legal advice to help our clients avoid or narrow disputes before they reach the litigation stage. Our litigation and business lawyers work collaboratively to seek solutions to help clients minimize the risks of future litigation, drawing on the resources offered by our Special Advisors and our allies at the Alberta Opportunities Group.

Practicing Lawyers



Laura J. McPhee R.P.

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Thomas O'Leary K.C.

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