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Blue Rock Law understands the multifaceted energy sector, both in Western Canada and internationally. Our comprehensive legal services are tailored to meet the unique needs of clients operating in both the traditional oil and gas industry and the dynamic realm of emerging energy industries.  Our lawyers possess decades of experience in providing comprehensive legal and business support that spans the entire life-cycle of energy operations. From electricity generation, sale, and distribution, to upstream exploration/production, midstream transportation and distribution, and further downstream into refining and marketing, our team possesses extensive experience across the entire energy spectrum. 

As the energy sector rapidly evolves, our team can help ensure success in meeting the challenges related to energy diversification, renewable natural gas production, biofuels, carbon credit issues, and environmental stewardship. With our Special Advisors and allies at the Alberta Opportunity Group, we leverage our extensive network, industry knowledge and legal expertise to deliver solid results for our clients while assisting in shaping the future of energy.

Energy-Related M&A.

Our seasoned team of experts has a proven track record in energy-related mergers and acquisitions. We ensure that your transactions are executed seamlessly, safeguarding our client’s interests every step of the way.

Energy Joint Ventures.

We have significant experience in crafting, navigating, and implementing energy joint venture arrangements using our profound understanding of the complexities involved. We are a trusted partner in forming successful partnerships within the energy industry. 

Energy Commodities & Risk Management.

Commodity trading and carbon credit trading are increasingly important components of modern business strategies in the energy sector. Our team appreciates the unique challenges and opportunities in these markets and can help navigate through them to achieve optimal business solutions. 

Energy Litigation and Arbitration.

Blue Rock Law lawyers have decades of experience advising and representing clients in high-value energy-related disputes touching on oil and gas exploration, transportation, and refining, electricity generation and distribution, as well as renewable energy projects. We understand how to optimize the outcomes of these disputes for our clients in light of their larger business objectives, utilizing the various modes and dispute resolution tools and strategies available.

Oil & Gas and Construction Liens.

Our lawyers are experienced in oil and gas and construction lien matters in Alberta, including securing payment, priority, legal claims, asset enforcement, and negotiation or litigation to protect your rights.

Distressed Energy Situations.

Our team of lawyers has significant experience in assisting clients navigate their rights when insolvency issues arise.  See our Insolvency and Restructuring group’s page for more details.     

Practicing Lawyers

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Courtney Burton

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Thomas O'Leary K.C.

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Stewart Maier

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David Mann K.C.



Laura J. McPhee R.P.

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