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Virtual Legal Counsel &
Managed Services

Blue Rock Law provides a reliable, cost-effective, and strategic legal solution for businesses. These innovative approaches provide access to high-quality legal services that align with business needs and budgets. We believe it is a privilege to learn about our client’s business and objectives. Our vision is to provide our clients with the best-in-class legal support and, in collaboration with our Special Advisors and allies at the Alberta Opportunity Group, be part of a broad team of professional service providers who assist our clients in reaching their objectives without being an unpredictable cost-centre.

Managed Service Offering.

Our subscription-based model allows clients to outsource some or all of their legal needs to our experienced team of lawyers. Clients can choose from different packages and levels of support for predictable pricing, reduced risk, and enhanced efficiency.

Virtual Legal Counsel.

Gain access to a highly experienced and dedicated lawyer who acts as in-house counsel on a part-time or project basis, without the billable hours. Our clients have direct access to a trusted advisor who understands their business and can handle a wide range of legal matters, from contracts and compliance to strategy and governance. Whether our clients need ongoing support for their day-to-day operations, ongoing strategic guidance in a specified area of law, or assistance with a complex transaction or litigation, we have the experience and flexibility to help achieve those goals while effectively managing legal budgets.

Practicing Lawyers

Facetune_12-10-2023-13-47-33 (1).jpg


Courtney Burton

Tom - Brad In YYC Photos-1.jpg


Thomas O'Leary K.C.

Stewart - Brad In YYC Photos-2.jpg


Stewart Maier

Doug - Brad In YYC Photos-1.jpg


Doug Schweitzer E.C.A., K.C.



David Mann K.C.



Laura J. McPhee R.P.

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