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Blue Rock Law Opens in Calgary!

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

Hey Calgary, We're Blue Rock Law!

Hey Calgary, we're Blue Rock Law! A full life-cycle boutique commercial law firm designed to advance the objectives of our clients - business law for business people.

Blue Rock Law was founded in 2023 by a group of lawyers who believed there was a better way to deliver efficient and creative legal solutions Our founding lawyers came together to form a firm focused on collegiality, merit, and creativity that celebrates all of its members.

And so “Blue Rock Law LLP” was born.

Why Blue Rock Law?

“Blue Rock Law” takes its name from the iconic landscape in south-central Alberta. Nestled between the origins of Alberta’s oil & gas industry and Alberta’s majestic Rocky Mountains, the area lies in the midst of Treaty Seven and touches the farm and grazing lands of Alberta’s agricultural heartland. It is the confluence of these Alberta attributes of beauty, industry, and people that makes the Blue Rock area a special place - and emblematic of what we strive to achieve as its namesake.

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